CrossFit Hampton Roads May Athlete of the Month

Ryan Norris – May’s Athlete of the Month

How did you start Crossfitting? Has your motivation changed from when you first started?

There was a possibility that I was going be going to a training academy and their PT is very CrossFit driven. A friend of mine suggested I find a gym to start getting use to the movements and exercises. After some searching I found CFHR.My motivation since joining has definitely changed and for the better. The changes I’ve seen in my overall health has me wanting to do more.

What do you enjoy most about Crossfit?
The community and the challenge of each WOD. It’s a different kind of gym experience. In my limited experience with CrossFit, every workout is a challenge. Some easier than others and some insanely difficult, but every workout you have to come up with a strategy. How are you going to handle todays death race and be efficient about it. Then there’s the community. Nothings better than team building and the camaraderie that CrossFit brings. Since I’ve started I’ve met some amazing people and awesome coaches that make the experience more than just about the gym. It was also never awkward. I never felt like the new person over in the corner trying not make a fool of myself.

What’s your proudest Crossfit moment?
I’m still new to a lot of these movements so almost any time I nail a complex movement unscaled or hit a new PR it’s a proud moment. I can’t really pin point one moment yet, maybe once I RX a benchmark wod.

What’s your favorite lift, movement or workout?
I love anything with barbell work but like I said earlier, the deadlift has become my favorite movement. I was so scared to even attempt this lift before joining the gym I never knew the potential I had with my deadlift.

When you’re not crossfitting, what do you like to do?
Sleep….but kids and work prevent that so we do as much as we can with the family. Either spending time with friends at parks or going to Busch Gardens with the kids.

What impact has Crossfit had on you outside the gym?
There’s a lot it’s helped me with. Almost every aspect of my life has changed. I feel healthier, I’m stronger, I’m in a routine that I never thought I’d get back to and I feel better about myself all around.

What’s one piece of advice you would offer to a new crossfitter?
Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself…some of the movements and WODs can seem intimidating. Accept the challenge and know you’ll have teammates and coaches help you to succeed.

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