Enter the PR Board

by Gabriel “gaberock” Avilla, CF-L2

At CFHR, we love sharing a high-five, fist bump, or “woop woop” when a fellow athlete sets a new PR or accomplishes something they have been working hard to achieve. Whether it be a first rope climb, running a full mile, or setting a new back squat PR, the positivity at that moment is contagious, and celebrating the achievement makes us hungry for more. But what happens if we are by ourselves and achieve a PR? Or how do you know a fellow athlete you’ve been secretly chasing in class has unlocked a goal that becomes the kickstarter to your own journey?

Enter the PR Board.

The PR board is a new addition to CFHR and will help connect our community in both chasing and achieving our PRs. The rules are simple: write down a PR you have worked hard to achieve and let the community share in your celebration. Be sure to use that QR code to share the same PR so we can add you to the newsletter. The next time we see you, be prepared for that fist bump or high-five because you are fantastic! No matter how small or large the PR happens to be, acknowledging your progress in your fitness journey and sharing that progress with our community will keep you motivated to achieve more. There is always something to strive for in this CrossFit thing of ours, so get creative.

Maybe you’ve successfully kicked up to handstand and overcome your fear of being inverted…PR! Maybe you’ve graduated from doing banded pull-ups with a green band to a red band…PR! Maybe you’ve added a few inches to your box jump that you’ve never thought was possible…PR! Allow yourself and those around you to celebrate those PRs, no matter how small you think they are. You get a little cheer, it stays on the board for the rest of the month, then it’s back to work reaching for that next one!

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