CrossFit Hampton Roads December Athlete of the Month

Caitie Woytko

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 

Around 7 months. 

How long have you been at CFHR? 

Also around 7 months. 

How did you start Crossfitting?

One day, I just realized that I had to start doing something more active. I’m not a good solo person at the gym, so I found the closest Crossfit gym because I heard about the the Crossfit community and checked it out. 

What makes you stay …  For CrossFit? At CFHR?

Everyday I go to class, it’s something different, which I love. It pushes me to limits I didn’t even know I had. It has had a tremendously positive affect on my mental health, which I’ll forever be grateful for. 

Has your motivation changed from when you first started?

Absolutely. How could it not? Everyday I go ( even if I complain :] ), I’m more determined and/or motivated to be better than I was the following day. 

What do you enjoy most about Crossfit?

The diversity of workouts and the community. 

I see and feel the positive effects of the constant change of workouts that we do.

The community is something I always looked for, never thought I needed, but turns out it’s the best part. I can be myself.  

What have you learned since joining CFHR?

That it’s ok to fail, because you’re not really failing. You’re just not there yet.

What’s your proudest Crossfit moment?

Honestly, doing a double under for the first time (ask Lindsay, I was overly excited). 

Funniest/Best memory at CFHR?

I don’t know if it is best, but I sure find it hilarious now. It was a Saturday, three person workout, and it was HOT. Jerri and Tiffany were my partners and I had to puke (sorry for the possible visual). Jerri said “yeah, I’m gonna keep going” where Tiffany stood there and waited till I was done. Teamwork, that’s all I’m saying.

What impact has Crossfit had on you outside the gym?

So, I’ll be completely transparent. The impact Crossfit and the CFHR community has had on me outside of the gym is evident in the best ways. Not only has it transformed my body, but it has transformed my mind. Mental health is so important, and the part that CrossFit has played in my healing process is undeniable. 

What goal are you currently working towards?  Personal and/or CrossFit.

To continue to push my boundaries. In the gym, that’s the perfect spot to push those boundaries. If I can consistently do it inside the gym, it’ll become natural outside of the gym.  

What’s your favorite lift, movement or workout?

I’ve only been doing this for a short bit, but definitely some type of squat and/or a workout with running. I’ve always had a good relationship with both squats and running, so I always feel accomplished when I finish those workouts. 

When you’re not crossfitting, what do you like to do?

Drink wine. Hang out with friends. Go dancing! (If anyone ever wants to go dancing, please let me know :] ).

Favorite WOD or movement?

Anytime there’s running involved. It gets my heart beat up and I’m confident enough to reallllllly push myself. 

What’s one piece of advice you would offer to a new crossfitter?

Everyone starts somewhere, and the only person concerned/worried/bothered about you is you. 

Feel free to add any info you’d like to share!

The CFHR community is something I never knew I needed! I appreciate every single person that has opened up to me, coached me and roasted me (I mean are you friends if you can’t roast each other?). If there is ever a time where I have to leave, it’ll be a difficult goodbye. 

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