Crossfit Hampton Roads June Athlete of the Month

Alexa Collins – Athlete of the Month

How did you start Crossfitting? Has your motivation changed from when you first started? 

I started CrossFit while I was in Physical Therapy school. I fell in love with how challenging every workout is and how there is always something to work on.  

What do you enjoy most about Crossfit? 

I enjoy the people/coaches pushing and supporting me, the friends I have met, and the constant challenge every workout gives me!  

What have you learned since joining CFHR? 

There is always something to improve on! 

What’s your proudest Crossfit moment? 

My proudest CrossFit moment is back squatting 200lbs, that was a long term goal of mine and I couldn’t of done it without my coaches!  

What goal are you currently working towards? 

I am working towards getting a bar muscle up, I’ll get there eventually!  

What’s your favorite lift, movement or workout? 

My favorite lift or workout is anything involving power cleans!  

When you’re not crossfitting, what do you like to do? 

When I’m not CrossFitting, I am with my puppy Callie, by the pool or beach, or with friends!  

What impact has Crossfit had on you outside the gym? 

Ever since CrossFit, I have had more energy, I’ve felt stronger than ever, and much happier!  

What’s one piece of advice you would offer to a new crossfitter? 

When first starting CrossFit it can feel overwhelming but just keep showing up and all your hard work will pay off!  

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