Open Gym Rules & Guidelines

At CrossFit Hampton Roads, we want you to have the freedom in the gym to get everything you need. Whether that’s accessory work, extra mobility, skill training, or working on your weight lifting.

You are welcome to utilize “Open Gym” whenever a coach is in the gym, just please be sure to follow the rules below to ensure the best experience for all the athletes in the gym.

  • Open gym hours are included in all unlimited memberships, and is open to athletes with 6 months of experience. Sign up through Push Press.
  • Remember that our athletes are in class to be coached: please don’t drop your barbell while instructions are being given, and keep your conversation volume low. Please don’t walk through or workout in the physical middle of a class.
  • Open gym is a great time to work on skills or catch up on a WOD you may have missed during the week.
  • Need ideas on what can benefit you the most? Connect with a coach and consult with them. We see the most success for our athletes when they come into open gym with a plan.
  • If you’re attending open gym during class hours, please remember that the class gets priority to the equipment and the space in the gym. Check the WOD and make sure that your plan doesn’t interfere with the class.
  • Please no big organized groups during class hours. If you want to lift with a friend, awesome! But organizing a big group workout greater than 3 people on the main floor takes too much equipment and is distracting to our group classes.
  • When you’re done, please clean off your equipment and put it away for the next person to be ready to use. This includes bands, boxes, foam rollers, clips and j-hooks.

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