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The CrossFit Open is one of the best times of year at CrossFit Hampton Roads. Seriously. It’s a time when athletes come together to workout, refocus on their fitness goals, cheer one another on, test their limits, and create new goals for the following year.

No matter your current fitness level or length of time doing CrossFit, there is so much to be gained from participating in The Open.

This year, I want to see as many people participate as possible!

What is the CrossFit Open?

The 2023 CrossFit Games Open is a three-week competition open to anyone. Competitors are given one workout to complete each week and submit their scores online.

New to this? Don’t panic. Keep reading.

Can I still compete if I have to scale workouts?

Yes! There’s are Scaled, Foundation, and Adaptive divisions as well age brackets for Teens and Masters. The Open serves as a fantastic test of fitness but also a pathway to grow and add fitness to the bank over years and years. Yes, there is scaling, and we highly encourage you to participate in whatever division gets you to sign-up.

The Intramural Team Competition at CFHR

CFHR runs a shop-wide Intramural CrossFit Open Team Competition. It’s AMAZING. What is your team competing for? Bragging rights. Bring all of your skills to the table – fitness, math, beer, geology, cornhole, design, cooking, CrossFit trivia – and more. Your team needs you! But – if you want to play in this fun overlay to the CrossFit Open – you must be signed up through our Open Google Form. Your points count for double if you register @

How to Register

Sign up by registering >>HERE<<. It’s $20 and since 2009, we haven’t had anyone ask for their money back.

Also, members who sign up earn double points for their team!

What Are the Dates?

Workouts are released on Thursdays (starting February 16th) and we run the workouts in class all day on Fridays.

Week of February 16th – Open Week 1

Week of February 23rd – Open Week 2

Week of March 2nd – Open Week 3

I’m Thinking About It, How Can I Find Out More?

Talk to a coach. We’re always happy to sift through your questions, concerns, and thoughts on participating. Know that whether you choose to do the Scaled or Rx version of the 3 weeks, we’d be so happy to have you in the mix and participating in the event.

You can also check out Coach Gaberock’s Podcast about the Open >>HERE<<.

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