The Importance of the Whiteboard Brief

My first professional occupation was as a First Grade Teacher. I wrote lesson plans and tried to mold little minds. Believe it or not, coaching CrossFit isn’t all that different. I plan my week, figure out what we’re going to work on, and try to deliver the information in an effective manner. In fact, I call my notes my lesson plan. Without them, I’m lost. And without them, the quality of my class and coaching suffers. I really hate when that happens, because I want to deliver my best to my classes. You all are busy, you work hard, and I want your time at CFHR to be one of the best parts of your day.

Each of your coaches works towards the same thing. And each of your coaches has their own rendition of lesson plans. They all start with something we call “The Whiteboard Brief”. You will know this as the part of class where Coach stands up front and talks all about the WOD. Generally, coaches block off about 3-4 minutes for this. We do this so we can get to the good stuff, and you guys didn’t come to class to get a lecture. (We offer those for free after class). During the brief, coaches talk about stimulus, loading, timeframe, scaling and many other tidbits that will help you be successful in your workout. Nuggets of gold here! This is the stuff that is going to help you get fit. Despite the training age of the athlete, there is ALWAYS something to be learned during the whiteboard brief.

When Coach starts class on time, and calls everyone to the whiteboard, it’s the first step in preparing you for the workout. Preparation starts before you even begin moving your body. As coaches, we want you to be prepared mentally and physically, which is why we really appreciate it when you all are on time and present for the whiteboard brief. We consider your time as valuable as our own. And we want you to reach your fitness goals as well. Showing up for the whiteboard brief is going to prepare you to crush your workout, get you fit, and keep you safe. You’ll tackle the workout knowing that you and your coach worked together, so you could get the best hour of your day.

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