Vision Board Brunch @ CFHR

On Saturday March 18th at 11am, we are hosting a vision board brunch.

We are doing this event because we believe in goal setting. We believe in the power of saying them out loud and putting them in a place where we see them regularly. Read more about how vision boards help here.

The question is not ‘are you worthy enough to reach your goals?’ The question is ‘are your goals worthy enough of you?’

— Bob Proctor

This vision board is about more than just the gym. It is outside of the gym too. It is about your life. If you give this a go, and truly believe in putting your vision on paper, we know you will see an impact on your life.

We will begin with a small discussion on the importance of how we set goals, and then flush those ideas out.

This is exclusive to our members. We’ll provide snacks, drinks, and all the vision board fixings. Glue, magazines, markers, and poster board of various sizes.

I hope to see many of you there!

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