Welcome to the 2023 CrossFit Open!

We are very excited to kick things off on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17.

In this blog post you’ll find a wealth of information. Please take the time to read through it so you’re in the know and so that you don’t unnecessarily screw over your team. 


There are three teams. If you have not received an email from your team captain please contact ray@crossfit-hr.com ASAP. 


Here’s what you can expect each week:

  1. Learn the workout at 3pm each Thursday via the CrossFit Games Website (see games.crossfit.com). 
  2. Sign-up on PushPress for a heat time for Friday night. Heat times will be posted by 9pm in PushPress on Thursday evenings. If you can’t make Friday night, be sure to sign-up for class Friday so you can complete your workout!
  3. Participate (either as cheerleader or participant) in Friday Night Lights – 5pm 
  4. Continue on a tear through the remainder of the week accumulating group class attendance points. 
  5. Log your week’s points in the Google Survey Form sent out every Monday evening. All point submission sheets are due by TUESDAY AT 6PM. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Action 1: Fill out the weekly Intramural Google Survey Form that is sent out Monday evening each week. You will record your weekly Individual Points as well as your workout score. 

  • You have from Thursday at 3pm until Monday at 8pm each week to complete the OPEN workout. No exceptions.
  • You have from the Tuesday prior to each Open workout until Monday to accumulate your weekly class attendance points for that week. Weekly class attendance points accumulation weeks are:
    • Week 1: Tuesday, February 14 – Monday, February 20
    • Week 2: Tuesday, February 21 – Monday, February 28
    • Week 3: Tuesday, March 1 – Monday, March 6
  • You must complete the points submission form between Monday at 6pm and Tuesday at 6pm of each week. No exceptions. 

POINTS (Individual, Workout, Team Challenges) 

There are three categories of points available to teams each week: 

  • Individual points
  • Scored workout placing points
  • Super secret one-off team challenges


Each week, every team member can earn up to 9 points in 3 ways for their team:

1. Class Attendance Points – Earn points for attending 3 or more group classes throughout the week. 

  • 5 points – you attended 5 group classes TUESDAY – MONDAY of the previous week AND logged your score in SugarWOD.* Group class attendance to do The Open workout on Friday counts toward this total!
  • 4 points – you attended 3 group classes TUESDAY – MONDAY of the previous week AND logged your score in SugarWOD.*

* Traveling for work? Can’t make it into class? You can still earn 5 points by doing the “At Home” workout of the day on SugarWOD when you can’t come to class.  (There are modifications if you do not have equipment). You MUST log your score in SugarWOD to earn the AtHome points. 

2. Do the Open Workout in Class – Earn points for doing The Open workout during Friday Night Lights or in Friday’s classes

NOTE! – Yes, you get double points here! If you attend Friday Night Lights it counts toward your weekly attendance total AND in this category.

  • 2 points – do the workout in Friday Night Lights
  • 1 point – do the workout outside of Friday Night Lights, with a judge obviously…

3. Wear Your Team’s Color – each team as a team color. Wear a shirt that sports your team’s color when you do The Open workout and earn 2 points.

  • 2 points – Wear your team’s color while you do the Open workout.


  • The Top 3 Men and Women’s scores for Rx and Scaled will earn points for their team. 
  • Additionally, each week of The Open, there will be additional team scoring options such as highest team average Rx/Scaled and highest scorers in various age divisions. 
  • There are also points to be earned for the top 2 noob athletes (@ CFHR 1 year or less).


  • We will announce additional opportunities for teams to earn points. 
  • These challenges will be announced on February 11 at the draft party.


  • Leave a Google review, specifically stating how awesome you think CFHR is – 8 points
  • Video Testimonial for social media and promotion – 20 points
  • WOD Action Shot and Headshot emailed to Coach Ray – 10 points each
  • Judges Course taken and emailed to Coach Lindsay – 10 points


Your team captains/co-captains are: 

  • /Coach Gaberock
  • /Coach Michelle
  • /Coach Amiryah


  • What a better way to send off the Open Season than with Ax Throwing! Just like last year, we will be heading off site to Ax Republic for some low key, friendly competition. Adult partners, spouses and friends are welcome. Due to site rules, no kids, please. 

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