Welcome to CFHR

Thank you for choosing CrossFit Hampton Roads to guide you on your fitness journey! We are excited to have you! This Membership Manual lays out our membership policies and includes other useful information to help you get the most out of your membership. 


Membership Options

We have three membership options, all of which are unlimited. Our monthly rates have no contracts, so you simply pay month to month. Your credit card on file will be automatically charged once a month. 

1 year commitment – $165/m

6 month commitment – $175/m

Month-to-month – $190/m

There is a 10% discount for members of the same household or for the purchase of a full year of membership upfront. 

All memberships are unlimited for both group and open gym sessions. However, Open Gym is only available to those with 6 months or more of CrossFit experience.

Membership Cancellation

We have a 2-week cancellation policy for all memberships. All cancellations must be submitted through the form on the website. Cancellations submitted closer than 14 days prior to the next billing cycle will be billed for that month, and their cancellation applies to the next month. Early termination of a contract will result in an early cancellation fee for the difference between memberships. I.E: If the difference between a 6-month agreement and month-to-month agreement is $15 and the 6-month agreement is terminated early, the balance for all active months is owed upon cancellation.

Membership Holds

Membership hold request forms must be completed on the Crossfit Hampton Roads website and can be requested in 1, 2, and 3-month increments. Active holds must be submitted 2 weeks before the next billing cycle, or the member will be billed for the current month. Membership automatically renews when the hold ends, and you will be billed as scheduled. If membership is canceled during the hold, the cancellation policy above applies. 

Our Apps:

Push Press

CFHR uses an operating software, Push Press, to manage memberships and class registration. When you scheduled your first session at CFHR, a Push Press account was created for you. You should have received an automated email to fill out a profile and waiver. If you did not, please message Lindsay @ (757) 267-9890.

To access your account, sign up for classes, or change your billing information, we recommend you download the app for easy mobile access. You can also access online by clicking on the “Athlete Account Access” button on the right-hand side of the blog.

Push Press online account access 

Push Press iOS app

Push Press Android app


Set up a new account and add CFHR as your gym. Enter the passcode cfhr107 to enter the gym! Start tracking your workouts, watching your incredible progress, and supporting your fellow members!

Download Android App

Download iPhone 


Class Schedule

CFHR is open 6 days a week, with multiple classes and open gym sessions each day, ranging from 5:00am to 5:00pm. We consider Push Press to be our official schedule – it is updated with all class cancellations and additions, and also reflects the assigned coach. 

We rarely cancel a class, but we may need to on occasion due to inclement weather, holidays, or other conflicts. All schedule changes are reflected in Push Press and are also announced on Instagram, Facebook and the Push Press social feed. We also have a “Sunday SitRep” on our Instagram that alerts members of upcoming events and schedule changes. 

Class Registration

Registration is required for all classes. This helps us control class size to ensure quality instruction and safety of all of our members. To reserve your spot in class, sign up through Push Press. 


Open Gym

We offer several options for those looking to continue their training on their own. “Open Gym” is a term we used to describe training outside of the group class. It is CFHR policy that athletes in Open Gym have at least 6 months of CrossFit training under their belt. 

Additionally, in SugarWOD, you will find accessory work that you can use for your Open Gym time. Those workouts are posted on Mondays. To find them, scroll past Monday’s Workout of the Day, and there you’ll find small workouts that can include gymnastics practice or conditioning, weightlifting or stamina. 

Supplemental Programming: Competitor’s Track and Weightlifting

If you are interested in training to become a CrossFit athlete, or improve your weightlifting, we offer additional resources to help you with that! Just ask a coach how to access those.



Community and Barbell Care

We always wait until everyone is finished to clean up. Crossfit is known for cheering the loudest for the person finishing last. It is standard practice to wait until everyone is done to put away your equipment. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances, but in those cases, ask a coach to help out. 

Don’t ever drop an empty bar. Inside the barbell are little ball bearings that enable it to spin with weight on it. This is key in our fast turnovers for the lifts. (Try to spin the end of the bar next time you’re in. The more it sticks, the more you’ll get pulled by the bar when you lift. Then also move the bar a bit, you’ll hear the shaking of the bearings.) If the bar is dropped without rubber weights to catch it, the ball bearings get damaged and the bar eventually won’t spin well. Hence, please don’t drop an empty bar.  Note- This impacts when putting the bar down OR when removing weights from the end. Since dropping even one side can damage the tender inner workings, when taking weights off the bar, take a hold of the inside of the barbell, lift the end you want to remove weights from, and push them off. Or, put a small weight under the last weight on the barbell to lift that side and allow you to push or pull the weights off without having the bar drop.

Don’t drop a barbell with 10# plates. It can bend the rubber and loosen the rings, shortening the life of the plates. 

Record your scores. Crossfit is a data-driven sport, so knowing the weights and times of previous lifts and workouts can help you plan for your next WOD. We love recording them on the whiteboard. It helps bring us together as a community and push us in our competition. We also keep a long-term log using SugarWOD. There you can record PRs, scaling options, as well as fist bump other athletes in the gym.

Committed Club, 100 Club & 500 Club – We have a few “Clubs” at the gym. Committed Club is reviewed monthly and includes anyone that signed up and checked into class 16+ times in 1 month. 100 & 500 Clubs are based on attendance. When you hit that milestone you’ll receive an email and then we ask you to sign our Club Pillar in the gym to be a permanent part of our community.


We offer a variety of additional services for our members and non-members. You can discuss any of the below services with a coach and they will get you set up:

Nutrition Coaching 

Personal Training 

InBody Scans (body composition analysis)

Youth and Teens Group Classes