The CrossFit Hampton Roads Team

Meet the Team that is Dedicated to Your Success

our founder

Jeff Madara

Welcome to CrossFit Hampton Roads!

CFHR was born from a constant pursuit to Train for Life!

We know that the secret to getting results and hitting our goals lies in trusting the process and improving daily. Exercise isn’t about being THE best, it is about being YOUR best, showing up consistently, and pursuing virtuosity.

Building discipline and confidence with our fitness is a catalyst for trying new things and excelling in other areas of our life. Our fitness achievements break the chains of self-doubt and throw open the door to possibilities we never imagined for ourselves. This also fortifies our mental strength and ultimately leads to personal growth.

Our aim at CFHR is to make working out the best hour of your day and time well spent on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. No phones, no emails, just hard work, and community. We turn up the music, give fist bumps, and blow off steam.

CFHR members take action, never quit, and lift each other up. We value modesty, kindness, and truth. We never blame, shame, or judge, and we always stay humble, hungry, and strong.

The CFHR community has people from all walks of life; professionals, servicemen and women, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, teachers, husbands, moms, and more!

We are a tight-knit FAMILY of athletes; we hang out together, we workout together, we support each other in and out of the gym! We change lives with Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching… and we’re damn proud of it. Are you ready for a truly life-changing experience?

Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3)
Precision Nutrition L-1
MobilityWod Movement & Mobility 101
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
Dark Horse Pro Rowing Certification
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

Founder of Crossfit Hampton Roads

our coaches

Coach Josh Hendrick

General Manager and Head Coach

Josh Hedrick


Coach Jessica Haynes


Jessica Hedrick Haynes

CrossFit Kids

Coach Lindsay


Lindsay London


Lindsay is a CFL2, former collegiate swimmer, wife and mom of two very active boys, Dexter and Wade. after leaving competitive swimming, she never felt at home in any gym or yoga studio.

She finally stepped in to see CFHR after missing the daily hard work that comes with training for sports. Immediately, she found a home where it was safe to leave her ego behind, try, fail and do it all over again. She got her CF-L1 in 2018, began coaching that year, and passed her CF-L2 in 2019. Her passion became creating a safe place for people to become more fit, trying new things, and be part of a community where everyone is accepted. Lindsay believes there is an athlete in all of us. Adding agility, strength, and coordination in your daily life will not only get you in shape, but, by doing it, it will change every aspect of your life. Lindsay’s goal is to help her fellow athletes feel fearless, meet their goals and push their limits. She also loves the beach, cats, oatmeal cream pies, and nature documentaries.

Coach Cheryl Buehn


Cheryl Buehn


Cheryl has been engaged in a variety of athletics since high school, including weight lifting, track, swimming but mostly volleyball. She continued volleyball into college, and though her Air Force career at national and European-level military competitions. Discovering CrossFit while deployed in 2016, she found immense value in its ability to “train you for life.” After a move from Texas to the Hampton Roads area, she joined CFRH as a member. Driven to be more involved, she earned her CrossFit Level 1 Training Certificate in September 2018, and upon completion of the CFHR coaching apprenticeship is now a Coach at CFHR. She is married, has 2 young boys, and 2 dogs.



McKenzie "MJ" Jones